Cranberry Pear Marinade

Ingredients: 2 tbsp Wagco Mushroom & Sage Olive Oil 1 tbsp Wagco Apple-wood Chipotle Rub 1 tbsp Wagco Harissa Spice 2 tbsp Wagco Cranberry Pear Balsamic Vinegar Preparation: Combine ingredients to marinade for chicken, duck, pork, and seafood. *Recipe may not look exactly like the picture, picture is just used as a reference.*

Baklouti Pulled Pork

Ingredients: 4 lbs pork shoulder 1 cup Wagco Black Cherry BalsamicĀ  1/2 cup Wagco Apple Wood Chipotle RubĀ  1/4 cup brown sugar 7 cups cold water For the Sauce: 1/4 cup Wagco Black Cherry Balsamic 1/4 cup Wagco Baklouti Green Chili Oil 2 Tbsps mustard any pan juices, fat poured off Preparation: Brine the pork…