Cheesy Chorizo Burrito


3-4 Cups Shredded Cheese (Your choice of cheese, recommended Colby Jack or Cheddar)

1lb Sausage, Beef or Shredded Chicken

1 Tablespoon Wagco Oil and Vinegar Taproom’s Mexican Chorizo Seasoning

Toppings (Sour Cream, Salsa, Jalapeños, Onions, Green Peppers, etc.)


In a frying pan, brown 1 pound of sausage and drain.  Return browned sausage over medium heat and add 1 tablespoon of Wagco Oil and Vinegar Taproom’s Mexican Chorizo Seasoning.  Mix the seasoning and the sausage until well blended.  Cook for about 1 – 2 minutes to allow the seasoning to cook into the meat.  ***Feel free to add additional seasoning if you want a stronger chorizo taste.***

Pre-heat oven to 350℉

Line a cookie sheet or pizza stone with Parchment Paper.  Make thin layered piles of about 1/4 – 1/2 cup shredded cheese in circular, pancake shapes on the paper.  Make sure that you keep a tight edge around the cheese by cupping the sides with your hands and you have enough cheese to not see the parchment paper under your cheese burrito.   The more cheese the larger the burrito. Keep at least 1.5 inches between each cheese burrito.

Bake the cheese for about 8-10 minutes.  You will want to make sure all of the cheese is melted.  I prefer to have the edges slightly crispy and browning.  Before removing the cheese from the oven, use a spatula and try lifting the edge of the burrito.  If the cheese sticks to the spatula, it needs more time to cook.  If you can lift it slightly, they are done.

Pull the cheese burritos out of the oven (CAUTION THEY ARE HOT).  Place a small amount of the cooked sausage chorizo on the cheese burrito.  If you like a lot of cheese you can add a small additional on top of the chorizo to give it that stringy cheese filling.  Using the parchment paper the burritos are on or a spatula, lift the edge of the cheese burrito and begin to roll the chorizo into the burrito.

If the cheese cools it may harden and not roll up, you can microwave for about 10 seconds to soften the cheese up again.

Next add you desired toppings and enjoy!  In the picture, I sautéd some onions, green peppers and jalapeños in the pan the chorizo was in.  Also topped it with salsa.



Fill with eggs and sausage for a reverse omelette.

Fill with beef or shredded chicken and top with Enchilada Sauce for Keto Enchiladas

Fill with lunch meat and refrigerate for a Keto Sandwich Wrap.


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