Pineapple Pickled Jalapeños


10-15 Large Jalapeños

1 Cup Wagco Oil and Vinegar Taproom’s Pineapple Balsamic Vinegar

1 Cup Water

2 Garlic Cloves

1 Tablespoon ~ Salt

1 Teaspoon Wagco Oil and Vinegar Taproom’s Tuscan Herb Olive Oil (Optional)


Thinly slice the jalapeños.

In a medium sauce pan lightly crush 2 cloves of garlic (keeping the garlic’s shape) and lightly sauté in the Tuscan Herb Olive Oil (you can just roast it on a dry pan if you desire).

If you roasted in the olive oil, remove the garlic and dry the pan. (You can leave the olive oil in the pan, just know that when refrigerating the finished product may cause some of the oil to become solids in the liquid).

In the same medium sauce pan add the roasted garlic, water, salt and pineapple vinegar. Heat until boiling.  Once the liquid begins to boil add the sliced jalapeños pressing them into the liquid to make sure they are all submerged.  Immediately remove the pot from the heat and let sit for 15 minutes (You will notice that the color of the jalapeños will begin to turn from the dark green to a lighter colored green). ***If you want to increase the pineapple flavor, add some Chucks of Pineapples to the boiling liquid with the jalapeños).

Using thongs, remove the jalapeños from the liquid and put into glass mason style jar(s).  Once all of the jalapeños have been added to the jar(s), top each jar off with the pickling liquid, making sure the liquid covers all of the jalapeños.

Let the jar(s) with the jalapeños and liquid cool to room temperature before putting the lid on them and refrigerating.

***If you don’t like Jalapeños you can substitute, or add with the Jalapeños, Cucumbers, Onions, Bell Peppers or whatever you want to pickle.***




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